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Add an Image to Header with Grid

Have you ever had the desire to add an image, in addition to a logo, to your header? I haven’t seen a theme yet that allows for it. Yes, you can add a block above or below the header, but what if you want it in line with your logo or nav menu? You’re out of luck. Or, what if you want the nav menu to align with the top of your logo? Most themes vertically center nav items, so soap there, either. Grid to the rescue. Just turn off the existing nav bar, add some header widgets, and … Read more

Better Breadcrumbs–A Plugin Comparison

Breadcrumbs can be so frustrating, yet so useful. They give users a shortcut to other parts of your website, as well as a snapshot of the site hierarchy. But, you have to implement them correctly. This is how I accidentally discovered that, and a neat trick by comparing two plugins: Yoast SEO and Breadcrumb NavXT. I’ve never been able to get breadcrumbs working successfully with Yoast, and I recently thought I had made a breakthrough. I got the breadcrumbs to work, but in comparing the result to another breadcrumbs plugin, NavXT, I thought I had found a problem with … Read more

Vendor roulette

Two days ago, a client reported a problem that I suspected was on the web host side. They couldn’t upload media files. This has happened before with Dreamhost, and it was resolved by calling them, and having them clear a cache somewhere. I chatted with a support lady for 90 minutes with no resolution, and her promised followup call never happened. I tried again the next day, and that person found the problem immediately–it was a line in the server log. Wow, who would have thought to look there? This has happened multiple times, sometimes requiring 3-4 separate chats … Read more

The ultimate blog software–WordPress

I have struggled for years to put up a decent looking web site. What I usually ended up with, although functional, was a patchwork of different pages, all with different functions. Then, I started reading about WordPress. What makes it so wonderful? It’s free It has hundreds of templates You can update in real time, without using an upload process It’s open source, so you can customize it to your heart’s content It’s widely used, so there’s a lot of help out there It has lots of plugins that allow RSS, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), search capability, and much … Read more