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Great Tool for Documenting Your Website

ShareX makes marking up a screen for documentation purposes a breeze. Why? Because you can capture info off the screen, instead of having to create an image file-this solves two problems. It doesn’t interrupt your work flow, and you can … Read more

Query Monitor Success

Query Monitor solved my problem After helping a friend test drive a couple of plugins, one of my sites started behaving badly. The load time went from 2 seconds to 5, which is not acceptable. Everything worked fine, I just … Read more

Do You Want to Code Forever?

Life On the Off-ramp Since I’ve retired (life’s career off-ramp), my attitude has changed on a lot of things: politics, self reflection, work habits (that’s a joke). With the Covid Crisis, life is more like having a wreck heading down … Read more

Add an Image to Header with Grid

Update–this article is pretty much out of date now. Between using GeneratePress as a theme, and WordPress Full Site Editor, this can all be accomplished with those tools. It does offer some useful information if you want to use header … Read more

Better Breadcrumbs–A Plugin Comparison

Breadcrumbs can be so frustrating, yet so useful. They give users a shortcut to other parts of your website, as well as a snapshot of the site hierarchy. But, you have to implement them correctly. This is how I accidentally … Read more

Vendor roulette

Two days ago, a client reported a problem that I suspected was on the web host side. They couldn’t upload media files. This has happened before with Dreamhost, and it was resolved by calling them, and having them clear a … Read more

The ultimate blog software–WordPress

I have struggled for years to put up a decent looking web site. What I usually ended up with, although functional, was a patchwork of different pages, all with different functions. Then, I started reading about WordPress. What makes it … Read more