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Great Tool for Documenting Your Website

ShareX makes marking up a screen for documentation purposes a breeze. Why? Because you can capture info off the screen, instead of having to create an image file-this solves two problems. It doesn’t interrupt your work flow, and you can use one tool for the complete process. Here’s what I used to do:

  1. Save the screen image to a file.
  2. Open an editing tool like pixlr.
  3. Load the image.
  4. Use drawing tools to crop and add markup to the image, click save.

And now, with ShareX:

  1. Click in the toolbar to bring up ShareX.
  2. Select what region I want to capture.
  3. Markup the image and click save (automatically goes to Imgur).

I save one step and I complete the work using one tool. Unfortunately, it’s a Windows-only tool. I would love to have it on my Linux machine. But, it is free.

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