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GTD, My way–an update

This is an update from something I wrote when I was using a (don’t laugh) PDA (Personal Data Assistant). PDA’s were the big rage before smartphones. Since then, of course, software and smartphones have made them obsolete. But, because planning and prioritization of tasks hasn’t changed much, this article is still relevant. I’ve used GTD for most of my career. GTD (Getting Things Done) is a methodology on tracking and accomplishing tasks, both at home, and at the office. It was invented by David Allen, who wrote a book about it, and has created a worldwide following. You can … Read more

Job hunting in 2009–it’s a whole new world

Ah, the good old days. When you could find a job in a day or two. Sometimes within hours. 2009, on the other hand, sucks big time. My last contract ended on May1, and I’ve been looking for a job for 3 months now. I keep a spreadsheet of jobs I apply to, and I’m now closing in on 65. The funny part is that I had two job offers in the same day, 3 weeks ago, and it looked like my job troubles were over. I was on my way to a job interview with a new team … Read more

Great hotkey program–Autohotkey

I found this through PC Mag about a year ago, and have been using it ever since. Autohotkey is free, and does several great things, which I illustrate here: You can key in an abbreviation, like btw, and it will automatically expand to “by the way.” You define the expansion with a text file. For more common names, and for using in email addresses, you can prefix a name, with say, two periods + terry, and terry’s email address will appear. Great for forwarding internet news articles–they usually require you to key in a person’s whole email address. You … Read more

The ultimate blog software–WordPress

I have struggled for years to put up a decent looking web site. What I usually ended up with, although functional, was a patchwork of different pages, all with different functions. Then, I started reading about WordPress. What makes it so wonderful? It’s free It has hundreds of templates You can update in real time, without using an upload process It’s open source, so you can customize it to your heart’s content It’s widely used, so there’s a lot of help out there It has lots of plugins that allow RSS, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), search capability, and much … Read more