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Officer, why are you in my room with a flashlight?

I was talking with my landlady last night, and she asked me if I was upset about the cops coming into my room. Say what?

This is another episode of my crazy dealings with renting living quarters in Maryland. Some of you may remember a previous landlady’s son being thrown in jail for dealing drugs (turned out he was innocent). And then she died suddenly while he was still locked up. And the druggie housemate that wandered the hall outside my room at all hours of the night. And the house that exploded three blocks away.

Here we go again. So, after she asked me that, I responded with “The police came into my room while I was at work?” No, while you were asleep. They shined a flashlight into your room while you were in there sleeping.

Ding, ding–that rung a bell. I do remember someone opening my bedroom door a couple of nights ago, and seeing a bright light momentarily, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep. There had been some loud music downstairs earlier in the night and I had had to ask the landlady’s husband to turn the music down because I couldn’t sleep. So, I just figured it was his teenage son, and some of his friends had decided to wander around the house.

What happened, is the police were hunting for a suspect who had earlier given them this address as the location of their home. The landlady couldn’t believe that the police could enter a house and start searching without her permission. I thought so, too, but a friend at work informed me that when the police are on an active pursuit, they can do this. News to me, but I guess it makes sense.

So, my friends, when you’re enjoying that glass of wine in front of your big screen TV, in the safety of your castle, think about me once in a while–I could be fighting for my life while you’re watching the same scene play out on CSI Rockville.