Cancun 2013

We took three of the grandkids this year–Megan, Mason, and Jordan. And the biggest kid of all, Aunt Lala. Probably the most fun day (for the grandkids) was the one they spent zip lining–once through the jungle, and another over the … Continue reading

Branson 2011

We arrived Saturday, flying in to the Branson airport. Interesting little place–the terminal is actually decorated in a wood cabin theme. And has a three foot high statue of a turkey in the middle. Strange, but certainly more welcoming than … Continue reading

Cancun, 2006

Saturday, 8/12. Got up at 3 am, flew out of RIC at 7:10, $490, Northwest. Arrived 2 pm, via Memphis. We checked our bags this trip because of the orange alert on liquids in carry on’s. We dropped our bags … Continue reading