Cancun 2013

Getting prepped for the zip line (not me)

After the zip line through the jungle, more at the cenote

Megan zip lining

We took three of the grandkids this year–Megan, Mason, and Jordan. And the biggest kid of all, Aunt Lala. Probably the most fun day (for the grandkids) was the one they spent zip lining–once through the jungle, and another over the waters of a cenote. Even grandma participated–although the trip to the first zip line on a bicycle did not end well. But, it was her birthday, and nothing was going to spoil the day. I thought for sure she was done after falling off and rolling about three times, but up she popped, and off we went, no problem.

The best day for me, was the day we spent travelling to two Mayan pyramids–Tulum and Coba. Tulum is the only pyramid build next to water, and Coba is the highest pyramid on the Guatemala Peninsula (110 feet).

Megan, Mason, and Jordan at Tulum

Getting ready to climb Coba

Better than walking, huh?

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