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The Queen makes the news — 3 Comments

  1. I know Kayla as well… (ex-mother-in-law) she is a very caring and sweet person. I miss her hugs tremendously and still consider her “mom.” Love Callis.

    P.s. she sure can keep Terry straight… no easy task in deed!

  2. This is too cool! I know I could never tackle a job like! It takes a special person and KK has what it takes! I’m proud of you big sis. Love ya, Deanne


  3. I’ve know this about Kayla longer that you all have. I have known her for almost 58 years, she is my “Older Cousin”, she has always had that laugh and is a natural born care giver. You all are lucky to have her. Give her a kiss and a hug from me.

    Karen Laminack Banta