The Chemist, by Stephanie Meyer

How did I get sucked into reading another SM book? 1. Most of the reviews were good, 2. I was in a hurry 3. It wasn’t part of the Twilight series.

Well, now I’ve learned my lesson. Too bad SM hasn’t. The book started off great, and through the first half, I was thinking, she actually does know how to write, and she’s broken out of the romance novel mode. And then comes the same stupid, sappy, lovey dovey let’s see how long we can drag out this conversation style of writing.

Come on, Stephanie, we know there’s a good writer in there, grow up. Second problem with the story-Stephanie, dogs really can’t think like humans. But they had more personality than anyone in the book.

My third biggest peeve of the book. Why was Arnie even in the story? Mysterious, brooding, silent. Then he dies. WTF?

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