Solar Observing event

I’m holding a STEM event at the N. Courthouse Chesterfield Library next week. Since it’s during a week day, it would be a good home school field trip, so I’m distributing the flyer to as many groups as I can find that relate to home schooling. If you’re interested in bringing a group, let me know ASAP, as the capacity is only 13 people. You can email me at to register.

I’ll hold a 30-40 minute session inside, to explain about some of NASA’s observation tools, sun viewing safety, the upcoming solar eclipse, and describe the telescope we’ll be using for observing–it’s Coronado Solarmax Telescope, and it’s specially designed to view the sun safely. It’s owned by the Richmond Astronomical Society, of which I am a member.

Then, we’ll go outside, into the library parking lot, at the back of the lot, and do some actual observing. I’ll update this post if it looks like any sunspots are going to be visible–we’re in a low part of the solar cycle, so it’s iffy as to whether we’ll be able to see any. There’s also the possibility of seeing solar prominences, which are arcs of solar material that are ejected into space from time to time.


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