Power Down (Dewey Andreas, #1) by Ben Coes

Loads of fun–very fast moving, great plot, lots of action, likable hero. It starts off with an ex-Delta soldier, Dewey Andreas, working on an ocean drilling platform, thinking his military career is over and reconciled to his new life. Fail. He discovers a plot to destroy the platform, but in spite of the warning, the plot succeeds. In the process, Dewey discovers a much bigger plot, one that threatens the entire United States.

Dewey’s former skills are put to the test–multiple times, and that’s what makes the book so good. He always seems to be one step behind the villain, and constantly has to avoid being killed in the process. There are lots of explosions, chases, close calls, throw in some duplicity and a double cross or two, and you have a great story and the beginnings of a wonderful series. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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