Standoff (2016)

Fishburne plays a contract killer who murders some targets at a quiet funeral and when a 12 year old girl takes his picture, he hunts her, to terminate the evidence.  She enters Thomas Jane’s house, a ‘shell of a man’ guzzling on that liquor, because that’s probably about the best thing to do after your wife leaves you because you weren’t careful enough when your son was accidentally killed.As things turn out, Fishburne shoots his way into the house, but not before Jane blasts him with buckshot.  The ‘standoff’ then ensues with Fishburne on the ground floor with Jane protecting the child on the top floor with a shotgun.

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The Girl with All the Gifts, by M.R. Carey

Sweet little Melanie–all she wants to do is be around her teacher, Miss Justineau. So, why does Dr. Caldwell want to cut her up into little pieces so she can study her brain? And why can’t she remember her parents? And why is she strapped into a wheelchair every day?

The mystery is gradually revealed, and it’s so much fun getting there. Which is what makes this book so great–what a fantastic plot. It will take you on twists you will never see coming. It’s got love, hate, horror, biting, fungus, life after death, hysteria, and a whole lot of innocence lost.

One of the best horror books I’ve read, but don’t think that’s all it is–it’s a great mixture of horror, mystery, and just a great adventure. Continue reading

Power Down (Dewey Andreas, #1) by Ben Coes

Loads of fun–very fast moving, great plot, lots of action, likable hero. It starts off with an ex-Delta soldier, Dewey Andreas, working on an ocean drilling platform, thinking his military career is over and reconciled to his new life. Fail. He discovers a plot to destroy the platform, but in spite of the warning, the plot succeeds. In the process, Dewey discovers a much bigger plot, one that threatens the entire United States.

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I am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes

A spy thriller, in the same vein of a James Bond adventure, but make him an anti hero. Instead of a young, dashing, irresistible British heart throb, you get a middle aged, retired American ex-spy. But, you do get the same high stakes game, a very nasty villain, a race against time, and an intriguing puzzle.

It’s set up with a puzzling murder, where the killer has left absolutely no clues, and has removed all the normal identifying characteristics of a dead body. Via an acid bath. So–no motive, no clues, and no ID. But the investigator notices that this has the earmarks of how to commit a perfect murder–from a book that he wrote earlier in his career.

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The Magic of Math, by Arthur Benjamin

This is one of those rare books that makes a technical subject interesting, but not only for the nontechnical average Joe, but also for those who are very comfortable with math. So, why would someone like me, who majored in math, find another math book interesting? Because it ties together the different branches of math and brings them together in a fun way. Like tying probability to an ice cream shop. By showing how adding numbers together (Fibonacci sequence) can lead to the number e. In other words, what your high school textbook should have done.

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Teeth, movie review

Incidental discovery on Netflix. Black comedy + revenge flick. Very well done. Too many horror flicks are doomed by poor acting, which is where this one really shines. You just can’t believe that such a lovely young, good looking woman can have such a gross problem.

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Would You Rather, movie review

Another winner from Netflix BUT only if you like unexpected and violent bursts of extreme violence. But hey, it’s only a game. A young woman is invited to a dinner party. Even though she’s nursing her cancer stricken younger brother 24×7, she’s enticed by the fact that the dinner sponsor promises to help her brother.

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Millipede on your PC

I cannot believe how good this game is. You youngsters won’t be able to identify, but you should try it. Even with a mouse, it’s addictive. I used to spend money to play this game, and now it’s free on my PC. Life can’t possibly get any better.

Ready Player One, By Ernest Cline

I never thought someone could write a good book about one video game, but Cline has done it. Never mind the many references to adventure and action games from my era–they definitely added a touch of nostalgia, but the storytelling is good enough where I lost track of what was real and what was taking place in The Oasis (the video game).

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