Las Vegas, 2007

Flew nonstop from Dulles, 1:05 pm. Stayed at Tropicana. Rented a car f/Alamo, picked up Bill and Deanne at the airport after midnight. Came back to hotel and hung out in the hot tub until about 3 am. Hot tubs open 24×7. Went to see 2 shows, Caveman (standup comedian, loooook at me), and The Producers, with Tony Danza. Ate prime rib one night downtown, $10–guy at next table caused big ruckus over not getting the special.

Oklahoma City–Dec. 17, 2008, OU vs. Texas Tech

Trip to OKC, 20081120, El Jefe got 4 tickets to OU-Texas Tech game. Tyler joined us..Tech was rated #2, OU #4. Seats were on front row, 30 yard line. OU wins 61-21. Long touchdown pass play happened right in front of us. Froze to death in 4th quarter.

Terry hadn’t been back in 20+ years, got to see house on 26th, Long’s house in Nichols Hills. Was chased down by principal at Taft, for taking pictures of kids on playgound.

Introduced Terry to Johnny’s chili cheese burger, real onion rings, ribs at Earls’s, Mexican food at Cheleno’s.

We both went clubbing with Tyler at JR’s (SW 189th) and Triples’ (NE 23rd). Jenny did karaoke (Salty Balls).

Almost all the cousins, and my sisters Jill and Linda, along with her stepdaughter Jacky and husband Vinny, came over Friday night. We talked with KK back home on Skype.

Korean experience–Woo Mi Garden


I went with my landlady, Monyra, and one of her Vietnamese friends, Winnie. The atmosphere is very appealing, they cook the food at your table, and they’re very friendly. Loved it, especially the bulgogi. Except for the waitress spilling hot tea in my lap, it was perfect. The dinner prices are a little high, but I think the personal touch (no, not the tea in my lap), made it worth it.

It did get a little bizarro when I asked for some ice to soothe the back of my hand, which took the brunt of the scalding, when the waiter immediately brought over 3 knives.

That’s a picture of Monyra on the left, in her younger days with the ballet in her home country, Cambodia.

Owner info

My name is Terry Barker, which is where the company name comes from (T Bark). I’ve been building web pages for about the last three years, on a part time basis, but as of June 1, 2002, I’ve decided to take the plunge and start up my own business. Because I work for myself, I can afford to quote lower prices for my work, as I’m the entire work force.

The main feature that I offer to you is the ability to control your own content. In other words, you can change the text (yes, even pictures) on the web page that I build for you. Not everything, mind you, as the basic structure still has to be built using HTML, but the technology nowadays offers some neat tricks to get around me doing some of the changes on your web site. What does this mean to you? Lower prices, because you don’t have to pay me to make every piddly change that your heart desires. Running a weekly special? No problem, you can update the web page prices yourself. Has your phone number changed? No sweat, fire up your PC, make the change, and it’s on the web site instantly (almost).

How do I do this? By using a software product called WordPress. It makes changing content as easy as filling out a job application through a company’s web site. WordPress has been around a long time and allows me to build very user friendly pages. All you have to do is fill in a form, and click the Publish button. That’s all there is to it.

Not every web builder can do this. Or wants to. Sometimes they want to retain control of the web content–that way you must go through them to get any and all changes made. Simple– more money for them!

But, I don’t work that way. I’d rather give control of the web site to you–that way I can handle more customers, and you save time and money. I think this is a more desirable service, and I’m betting you will think so too.