The Candle Project

Jordan and I experimented with making custom candles–it’s so easy, even a PaPa can do it. I found the plan on the internet–buy a large candle, wrap it with decorative ribbons (or write your own message on one), and dip it into melted paraffin. Joila–a custom candle. It worked great, and now we each have a one of a kind candle.

Triplet’s 2nd birthday

We helped Tristan, Zayne, and Ethan celebrate their 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago. Since they can now walk , they are a handful to keep up with. And my, they seem to like my PC way too much.

Wicked–the play

I normally don’t care for musicals, but we took a chance on this one, because it’s so well known. And what a surprise and treat it was. The actors were superb, and Glinda was hysterical. What wonderful singing–and the comedy lines had us in stitches. Some of the great scenes were:

  • The wizard (as a robot head)
  • The Wicked Witch towering over the crowd at the end of the first half
  • The slap–followed by a scream that turned into a horrendous cackle (brought the house down)
  • The duet by the Wicked Witch and the hero.
  • The line “step away from the green girl”

We had pretty good seats, about halfway up in the orchestra area, far left. E505-507. Next time I’ll shoot for E501, as that’s the seat next to the aisle. These seats had an aisle in front of us, so we had good leg room.

We took our oldest granddaughter, Megan (16). She loved it.

Cancun, 2006

Saturday, 8/12.

Got up at 3 am, flew out of RIC at 7:10, $490, Northwest.

Arrived 2 pm, via Memphis. We checked our bags this trip because of the orange alert on liquids in carry on’s. We dropped our bags off at that office and took the same van for the airport back up to the main drag, then bus to town. Then took taxi, on driver’s recommendation to Labna. Had Yucutan Tour–steak, beans, pico deguyo, guacamole, $125 pesos. Exchange rate at airport was $10.70, on street $10.60. Great place, atmosphere. Mariachis sang Cucuroo, Paloma, Grenada, Meso May, tipped $100 pesos.

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Orestes, A Tragic Romp

This was a play at the Folger Theater, in Washington, DC, and one of the best I’ve ever seen.  it’s a Shakespearean type play (actually written by Euripides over 2,000 years ago). When the actors use the typical language of the era, it’s just too hard to understand.

But this play had been updated, so the actors used “normal” language, and even wore conventional clothes. It was kind of shocking to see Mentes, a sea captain, come onto the stage directly off his ship and appear in a suit and tie. But then again, the play was full of surprises.

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Jordan could replace Leno

Here are a couple of recent examples:

We’re riding down the road and Jordan asks me if I get the Disney Station on my radio.

Me: No.

Jordan: What? This car sucks.

We’re walking the dog around the high school. I stop for the dog to “go.”

Jordan: Come on, old man.

This flowcharting tool will surprise you

In the mainframe world, flowcharting is one of those things you hate to do, but is so necessary to give a user friendly view of a system. And I’ve tried them all–Word, Visio, PowerPoint, Dabbleboard, etc. They mostly achieve their aim–to put together a flow chart, but they all make it way too difficult to modify the chart after initial creation.

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Cobol shortcut using sort

One of the more common tasks for a Cobol program is to take some action on matching records from two flat files. This is fairly straightforward, but it’s still a pain, because you have to be meticulous about testing a situation like what happens when one file hits EOF before the other one.

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