Oklahoma City–Dec. 17, 2008, OU vs. Texas Tech

Trip to OKC, 20081120, El Jefe got 4 tickets to OU-Texas Tech game. Tyler joined us..Tech was rated #2, OU #4. Seats were on front row, 30 yard line. OU wins 61-21. Long touchdown pass play happened right in front of us. Froze to death in 4th quarter.

Terry hadn’t been back in 20+ years, got to see house on 26th, Long’s house in Nichols Hills. Was chased down by principal at Taft, for taking pictures of kids on playgound.

Introduced Terry to Johnny’s chili cheese burger, real onion rings, ribs at Earls’s, Mexican food at Cheleno’s.

We both went clubbing with Tyler at JR’s (SW 189th) and Triples’ (NE 23rd). Jenny did karaoke (Salty Balls).

Almost all the cousins, and my sisters Jill and Linda, along with her stepdaughter Jacky and husband Vinny, came over Friday night. We talked with KK back home on Skype.

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