Looking for a Dynamite B&B?

I’ve been looking for years. A B&B in the Blue Ridge or Appalachian Mountains that had a view looking down into a valley. I’ve found B&B’s in the mountains, but with no view. I’ve found them in a valley looking up at the mountains. But nothing like I wanted. But finally, I’ve found it–The Inn at River Bend.

river_end_balcony_201407There are two levels, and each level opens to a balcony that runs the length of the building. So, you have to share with the other rooms on that level. We lucked out and picked a night where there was no one else on the lower level

It’s in Pearisburg, VA, almost to the West Virginia line, so it’s about a three and a half hour drive from Richmond. But, it’s so worth it.

Everything is in great condition–it’s just a few years old. You’ll have your own bathroom and TV. But no refrigerator or telephone. The refrigerator and an ice machine are in a common room on the same level, so that’s no big deal.

You’ll get a nice breakfast in the morning, and it’s in a room that also overlooks the valley, so it’s a very nice experience. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have other great guests at the table, you’ll get a chance to share travel experiences with new found friends.


The view from the balcony is beautiful. And you’re only minutes away from restaurants in nearby Pearisburg (5 minutes). We ate at a Mexican place, La Barranca, and it was very nice. It’s comparable to a Mexico or Casa Grande in Richmond.

We’ll definitely go back, and if you’re looking for a great romantic getaway–this is the place.

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