Aunt Lala visits, May 23, 2009

Why Baltimore?

Linda flew into Baltimore–I had assumed that I’d be working in DC, so it would be a short trip. Surprise, my contract didn’t get extended, and I was in Richmond, unemployed. It worked out okay though, because I didn’t have to ask for any days off. trish_charles_200905

Trish and Charles drove up from Greensboro too, so we had us a little reunion. We headed over to Jeff and Tanya’s association pool the next day.


As you can see, Linda quickly had her hands full.

Papa has lost 45 pounds in the last year, so the exercising had to go on, and Linda caught him going out on a bike ride. He actually stayed upright the whole time.


Jeff and Tanya came over the next day. This picture begs to have the caption:

Zayne: Help me.

Jeff: There is no escape.


Dylan and Brenden were playing nicely (is that a hammer in Brenden’s fist?).


Jordan had a “field day” at school, so we met her on the grounds in front of her school and had a picnic with her dad and some of her school friends.


We also hit Virginia Beach for a couple of days–we got a really good deal at the Surfside Inn for $66 each night.

We had an adventure on the back to the Baltimore airport–we’re cruising down I-95 at 70 mph, when this VW whips past us, tries to swerve into our lane ahead of us, and loses control. It starts fishtailing from lane to lane and slams into a Honda van in the lane left of us. I manage to miss the VW, but the van does a 180 and is traveling down the road backwards, about 6 feet in front of us. I’m congratulating myself on missing everything when I realize we’re still moving about 30 mph, and if the van turns sideways, I’m not going to be able to avoid it. We finally pass by with about a foot to spare, and touch down safely. Whew. We hug, another lease on life, etc., etc.


It was pretty interesting listening to the 25 year old blonde tells us how her steering shut down suddenly and she couldn’t figure out why. She was the lone driver of her car, but the van had 6 people in it. We stayed around long enough to make a statement to the police—I was mad, and I wanted to make sure the cops knew who was at fault.

Then, we head to the Inner Harbor, enjoy a nice lunch, and I drop her off at the airport. I’m headed back, when I see this huge slowdown in front of us, cop cars and fire engines everywhere. I managed to get this picture as I drove by. I was sooooo glad to get back to Richmond.








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