Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille

John Corey is at his best in this book–sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. He’s watching a person of interest. A very boring person, it seems. But when the suspect disappears at a party, JC can’t overcome his curiosity. So, he and his female partner decide to bluff their way into the party, posing as waiters. And as you might guess, he’s soon hot on the trail, on a luxury yacht, with a boat full of hookers, and maybe some terrorists.

Not only is he unmatched at fighting terrorists, but in his sarcastic comments. I actually enjoy his malicious verbal repertoire as much as I do his adventures. I was talking with one of my doctors last week, and we got into a book discussion–he likes DeMille, but does not like this aspect of JC’s character.

And with his new partner, we might have a new love interest. JC has always been as suspicious of his wife as he has been of his superiors. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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