Dexter–best show on TV

I actually started watching this accidentally, I’d never heard of the show. But my hot wife and I are both hooked now. At first, I thought it was going to be just another cop drama, and Dexter is a cop, but the situation is unlike anything you could dream up.

Dexter is a blood spatter expert, and he creates a lot of said splatters himself. He’s an addict, but not with drugs or drink–he has to kill. But he was raised by his stepfather to channel his need in a positive direction. He only kills other killers.

But, that’s not what makes the show so cool. It’s the personalities that keep you coming back. He has very little emotion, so his stepdad coached him to emulate the people around him. He starts a relationship with a divorcee, just to fit in. When he tries sexual advances, again just to appear normal, she rejects him because she is similarly damaged by an earlier rape episode in her life. All the same, it was the last thing he expected, and it caught me by surprise, too.

Another example, just last night. Another cop suspects that there’s something strange about Dexter, so he starts following him, and never catches Dexter in the act, but things start to add up. So, Dexter sets him up, and ridicules him when they’re alone, so that the cop physically assaults him in the station house, and gets suspended. From the upcoming previews, it looks like there’s going to be an out and out war between the two of them.

There’s a LOT of sex in this show, and quite a bit of nudity, but that’s not the draw–just a bit of warning. Try it–I’d rate it way up there with 24 and Lost, and MUCH better than NCIS.

It’s on Showtime, 8:00 AND 9:00 pm (different episodes), Sunday nights. You can also see a sample at

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