Cancun, 2006

Saturday, 8/12.

Got up at 3 am, flew out of RIC at 7:10, $490, Northwest.

Arrived 2 pm, via Memphis. We checked our bags this trip because of the orange alert on liquids in carry on’s. We dropped our bags off at that office and took the same van for the airport back up to the main drag, then bus to town. Then took taxi, on driver’s recommendation to Labna. Had Yucutan Tour–steak, beans, pico deguyo, guacamole, $125 pesos. Exchange rate at airport was $10.70, on street $10.60. Great place, atmosphere. Mariachis sang Cucuroo, Paloma, Grenada, Meso May, tipped $100 pesos.

Sunday, 8/13

Had doughnuts at the resort (Coral Mar) cafe and listened to the presentation–told us that we could get $150 credit for tours, plus free transportation to where ever every morning if we listened to a timeshare demo at Sunset Hotel. So, we went directly there. Got free buffet breakfast, demo took 3 hours. We took a boat through the lagoon to a sister resort near Tortuga Mmarina. They wanted about $12k, tried to convince us our timeshare wsas worth $9,700 through some bogus brokerage service.

Took van back to Sunset, hit the beach–waves were very rough.

Took bus to town, then taxi to La Parilla for dinner. KK had Chile Rellenos, too soft for her taste.

I ordered a shot of tequila, 3 mujeres for $440 pesos and spilled the tequila before I had a sip. The waiter insisted I pay for it anyway, and the manager agreed with him. So, he got no tip and we won’t be going back. The waiter was terrible and the beer was lukewarm, anyway, so no big loss.

Monday, 8/14

Took van to Iguana Wana, only to find it’s closed permanently, courtesy hurricane Wilma. We met a lady that recommended Choco and Tere for breakfast and we walked there, but they didn’t have anything Mexican for breakfast. We left after coffee and found a place practically next door, Casa Tequila. Had chiloqutes, Casa Tequila, corn tortillas, salsa, and cheese, for $69 pesos. Very good–KK loved it. I had molletos, basically grilled bread with beans, $35, also very good.

Went back to Caracol for a while, bought t-shirts, etc. Then back to Coral Mar.

Bill, Deanne, Jeanne, Nathan, and Ty got there about 3:30.

We all went to Perrico’s for dinner. I had fajitas, pretty good, and waiters were fun, as usual. Food is still over priced, though. And all the full size paper mache scenes are gone.

Tuesday, 8/15

Ate breakfast at Coral mar, toast, bacon, and coffee for $130 pesos (for 2 people).

Took van to Plaza La Isla, did some browsing, then took bus to Kukulcan Plaza. More browsing. Bill and I drank beer at a bar on the first floor–had some great jalapeno poppers there.

Took bus to town, then walked about 6 blocks (ow) to Market 28. Girls shopped and Bill and had tequila and shrimp cocktails at El Cejas.

Ate dinner at Labna–I had pork knuckles–very tender, not much flavor.

Wednesday, 8/16

Took van to town, then bus to Chichen Itza. I sat and read while others took tour. Pyramid is still impressive. You can’t climb it any more, so Nathan was a little disappointed.

Cafeteria meal afterwards as part of tour. So-so, but filling.

Got back around 9 pm. Hit the pool and had some drinks.

Thursday, 8/17

Xcaret, van all the way, more comfortable and cooler than the bus yesterday.

River float was great. Then laid out on the beach ’til evening. Saw jaguar, manatee, and spider monkeys.

The Mayan village is not part of the evening show, but is still there, as a separate exhibit. The Mayan warriors dressed for battle were on the sides of an open path leading to the new theater. They did the ball game there.

The theater was open air, but covered. They also had seating so you could have dinner ($20 US) while watching the show.

The first half was about the Mayan people and they simulated the culture, and later the arrive of the Spaniards, battle, and then, eventually, reconciliation. The music was great and the sound system was superb.

The rest of the show was Mexican, with folk dancing, excellent singers, especially great bass backup. We liked it a lot better than the old theater. You’re up higher and can see better. Also, the floor is bigger, so it allows for more elaborate scenes. You can buy a DVD on the way out, La Extravaganza de Music Xcaret.

Friday, 8/18

Took the skipjack tour to Isla Mujeres. Basically, a booze cruise, but the trip was a lot of fun, constant drinks with snorkeling after getting to the island. Saw lots of fish.

Not much to the town, I took a nap in a chair while others browsed. Ate lunch on North Beach, buffet. Pretty good.

On the way back, they let out a swing, hanging from a sail. Bill and Ty did it, had a ball.

Spent the rest of the day at Coral mar.

Saturday, 8/19

Ate breakfast at Coral Mar, took van to Sunset. Waves were much smaller, had a good day.

Took the bus to Punta Cancun, ate lunch about 4 at Taco Factory. Tacos were $120-500 pesos, all different kinds, all great.

Rest of the day back at Coral Mar.

Sunday, 8/20

Bill and gang left for the airport at 4 am. We took the Coral mar van ($9/person) to the airport at 11 am.

Plane was delayed leaving in Memphis because of weather, about 1 hour 45 minutes. Got in about 11:30 pm. Got Taco Bell on the way home.

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