Brenden visits DC

Brenden rode the choo choo with Grandma for a visit to DC for a weekend. We may have bit off more than we meant to, because it really wore us out, but we hit the National Zoo and the Museum of Natural History, all in one day. The Metro was out of commission for maintenance this weekend, so we had to travel by bus for part of the trip, but that still beat driving.

Brenden really liked the Bird House. He said it was the best thing he’s ever done. We also saw elephants,¬†orangutans, giant tortoises, giant pandas, leopards, elks, and emus.

The museum, of course, had gigantic dinosaur skeletons, but I think Brenden was pretty much worn out by then. So, at least we got some pictures he can reflect on. And he bought a 4 foot plastic snake that he can scare mom with (mom, be sure to act scared).

We relaxed Sat. night with pizza and hot wings. And that turned out to be the perfect way to end the day, because we got the pizza from Giuseppie’s, and we both agreed it was the best pizza we’ve ever had. The crust was actually chewy–that added to the uniqeness. The wings were fried, and just a little bit tangy, but they really hit the spot, too.

And then, on the way to Union Station on Sunday, we happened across a really good famer’s market. In downtown Bethesda, of all places. KK just happened to see it on a side street as we were driving through downtown. They had some really unique stuff–in addition to all kinds of fruit and vegetables, they had home made bread (we bought a ginger garlic loaf), flavored pickles (we bought a sweet-hot jar), aged beef from a cattle ranch, organic fullafels, and even barbecue. We shared a huge brisket sandwich that was probably the best we’ve ever had.

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