1:30 am–No, this cab’s not going anywhere

I never envisioned the last leg of my vacation ending like this–who could have seen this coming?

My plane landed at Reagan National last night at midnight, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Home free, I thought.

The Metro leg went fine, even though I’ve never traveled on it this late. Exited the White Flint station at 1 am, and I started having my first doubts about my game plan. I was on Rockville Pike, normally a very busy road, and I figured that even this late, I’d see a taxi fairly soon. But, after not seeing one for a couple of minutes, I go into proactive mode and call a cab.

No problem sir, just walk across the street to McDonald’s and one will be there shortly. This took about 5 minutes, and sure enough, there’s my cab. We loaded up, and started out, but the guy couldn’t back out of his parking spot because another car was behind him and wouldn’t move. Uh oh.

Evidently, the cab I got into wasn’t the one that was sent. After finally evading the other car, we pulled up alongside the blockade, my driver rolled down his window, and the shouting ensued. With what followed, I had plenty of time to write this blog entry while I was awaiting the outcome, but wasn’t quite in the mood.

We eventually extricated ourselves from the encounter, and I received my final gift from the Twilight Zone. My phone rings, and the other cab driver informs me that I got in the wrong cab. Gee, I wish I’d been able to figure that out.

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